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Rating Online Casino Return Rate?

It is the payout received after a successful game. It differs from game to game and can be between 75% and 99%.


The casino offers accounts and the right to play to American residents.

Min. Deposit Bonus ?

The extra sum of money a player receives after he makes the first deposit on the casino site.

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Online Casinos - Slot Games Brought To Your Home

Since the mid 1860’s, casinos began to become an important entertainment venue for the people who wanted to make an extra income by relying on their gambling skills. Nowadays, it is much easier to become a casino player, you do not even need to go to Las Vegas or to a real life casino. There are tons of online casino websites where you can register, open an account and start playing the virtually infinite number of games you will find.

Starting with 1995, the online casino business started to emerge and now there are multiple websites that offer such a service and from where you can choose. It is advisable to research thoroughly all the most popular online casinos before deciding to register and even start a game. In addition to this, if you live in the United States Of America or in the United Kingdom you should see if the casino of choice offers services in these countries too. Because of different laws, only some casinos are available in multiple states so you should check before deciding.

There are multiple games that can be played, amongst them we could mention Table Games, Live Table Games, Slots, Jackpot Games and Reel Games. Every type of games is comprised of several game names that are given by the developing companies. Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT and Betsoft are just some of the softwares that create online casino games. Usually, a casino displays games that are created by a couple of developers, they do not stick to just one. It is highly important to offer a great diversity to the players so they are enticed to come and play more and more.

General Aspects

An online casino works exactly like a live one, only that with the virtual ones the payouts are usually higher due to the fact that there is no rent to be paid and no other physical taxes. The minimum deposit a player has to invest is of about $250 and subsequently to investing this sum, he/she will receive a bonus. This extra sum can be 100% more than what the player invested and even at the second and third deposit investment, there can be a plus of 50% of the amount placed into the account. In addition, there is a No Deposit Bonus that is offered by some casinos.

The No Deposit Bonus refers to the fact that the player receives a welcoming bonus without even investing a certain amount in an account on the casino site. This is a very good marketing strategy that attracts the clients and offers a boost of confidence towards the casino company that offers such a generous gift. If someone is not sure about investing or not in a certain casino, this No Deposit Bonus works really well as a convincing campaign, showing the player how reliable and friendly the company really is.

Another fact worth mentioning about online casinos is that there are free to play games. This means that they can be tried without inserting any sum of money. It is a very good means of exercising if you are still a beginner or of getting to know better the gaming platform and software before jumping in with any sum of money. This is a life saving safety net and counter-loss procedure and it can be a really good risk management trick.

Play Responsible

Even if it might seem redundant to repeat over and over the disclaimer: pay attention to your money, never gamble them all at once, it is still necessary to include a few tips of how to play casino games in a responsible way. There is a compulsory move you should make before even thinking of playing an online poker game: researching. You can go to review sites, forums, videos or any other educational resources you might think of and get informed as thorough as possible before enrolling on a casino website. See what are the fraudulent platforms and avoid them at all costs.

After this first step it is time to decide how much you can invest in your deposit without making a compromise regarding your funds. Never play until the last drop of your savings and always set a limit to the sums invested in a particular game. Even if you are lucky and skilled enough to win round after round, know when it is time to stop and evaluate your wins. Even the professional gamblers have a certain percentage they use from their total deposited money and never exceed that set amount. This is the easiest way of managing risks.

Furthermore, do not disregard the psychological aspects of gambling or playing casino games. When you are too euphoric you should wait to cool off and only after begin a new round. Exactly the same goes when you are depressed because you lost several times in a row. The new game you are thinking about starting will not recover your other losses and it might even bring you more misfortune. So, always keep a clear mind and balance all the options you are faced with. Only knowing all the details about the game your are going to play, can make you a winner.

The Conclusion

On brief, online casinos are a virtual gambling method that started to grow more and more during the last years. It all started back in 1994 when the first software was founded, it was named Microgaming and nowadays is one of the biggest casino games creators. Since then, the online casinos business emerged and became an important venue for the professional or beginner gamblers. There is a really impressive number of online games that can be played: roulette, poker, slots, reels and many many other.

As a final idea, we should mention that one has to be careful while playing in an online casino because the risks are the same as for a live one. Money management is a very important part of the risk controlling domain you must master. Setting an investment limit and playing only when you are in a balanced mental state are some of the measure you could take against the associated risks. These being said, we invite you to have a look at our comparison table and review articles that we prepared about the most important online casinos that you should take into consideration in 2015.

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